What my clients say

Roger says..

For some time I had not been satisfied with my level of fitness, my diet and my general sense of well-being. I had contemplated joining some sort of gym, but the thought of pumping weights and running on treadmills, etc., did not really spin my wheels and so I sat on it (literally!) for a while. 

Darren was not what I thought of as your typical lifestyle coach/personal trainer. He was not pushy or gung-ho like others I’d met, but quite quiet and very knowledgeable. We discussed things rather than performed actual exercises, and through our ‘discussions’ gave me lots of options in which to pursue my goals. My main goal being to lose 12 to 16kgs in 3 months.

From the outset Darren basically told me it was MY responsibility to ensure that I met my targets, and  that he would be there to guide me rather than tell me what to do, which I was actually quite happy about and appealed to me greatly. The last thing I needed was someone telling me off for not completing this or not completing that. The meetings we had were very casual, but very informative and about discussing my progress – what worked and what didn’t work and I would adjust where

Over and above this, Darren regularly sent me information on nutrition and well being.

In life nothing ever goes smoothly, and for me I had a couple of issues along the way, but Darren was always there to offer advice. At the end of the 3 months, the results were surprising….. I had:
1. Lost 9kgs, and continue to be at this weight 3 months later.
2. Dropped three trouser sizes – from 102cm down to 92cm.
3. My resting heart rate now averages around 57/58bpm down from 66/67bpm.
4. My sense of well being – well, I feel much calmer these days.

Has my time with Darren been a success…??? HELL YEAH!!! 

Though I have not met all the goals that I had set earlier, I have realised that it was not my weight that should have been my main goal, but rather the development of self-confidence and sense of well being that should have been at the forefront.

I think I have succeeded there.

Thank you so much Darren.

Roger P

Leila says...

"I approached Darren Cash six months after chemotherapy as I returned to work because I was looking for a health solution that encompassed a positive lifestyle change rather than just a standard dietary and exercise programme.

He assessed and managed my needs with health and lifestyle questionnaires, Facetime meetings, encouraging emails, research for my specific requirements or issues and weekly challenges and opportunities.

Darren Cash’s solution was unique by covering food, mindfulness, exercise, sleep and fun lifestyle experiences. He made incremental changes each week in response to challenges I faced as I worked through different levels of the programme.

I lost 5 kg in 12 weeks with dietary changes, increased my muscle mass and energy levels and improved my quality of sleep. I felt mentally fitter and more capable of managing my family and work life balance. These are benefits that are still improving as I continue the learnings post my 12 week programme.

One thing I liked was his friendly and positive attitude, he was never disappointed in my achievements and everything was a step forward or an opportunity to reset or investigate further.

I found the experience built my confidence to better manage mine and my family’s lifestyle and health more effectively for the future.

I would recommend Darren Cash to people who are wanting to make positive health and lifestyle changes that can last a lifetime."

Leila S

Charmaine says...

"Thanks DJ, for your great advice and support during my 2 week challenge. 

Three months later, I feel great and am very happy with my weight loss.  

I’m still eating low carb and fasting and have great energy levels.  Your daily advice was informative and inspiring and I actually found it quite easy to change the way I think about food and change my eating habits."

Charmaine H